I decided to start this blog to catalog my experiences as a newly single guy from the US living in Madrid, Spain, the things I´ve gone through, what I´ve found interesting and amusing, what I´ve found difficult, strange and downright weird.

About me:  I´m 37 and from a small town in Pennsylvania called Lebanon which is most well known for producing some kind of bologna.  I´m told that they even have a tradition of dropping a large bologna every year to celebrate midnight on New Year´s Eve, though I never heard about that while growing up there.  The only other thing to know about my hometown is that it´s deeply conservative, had a lot and still has a lot of racial problems between the whites and the puerto rican immigrants and is basically a typical small town hell hole that I could never go back to living in.  I mean I guess i don´t have any terrible memories growing up there, but nothing tempts me to ever go back. Ever.  Nada.

I started skateboarding when I was 12 years old and it was probably the only thing that kept me sane.  Of course that made me a total outcast.  That was a time long before the X Games and before everybody and their grandmother were wearing Vans  and DC shoes, hats and t-shirts.  Nobody really liked my friends and I and that was just fine with me.  I had a great small group of friends, discovered punk rock and hardcore music and more or less didn´t pay attention to anything else, though I also did start my life long love of reading too.

Later I went to a nearby university, started studying philosophy, making new friends, having my first real girlfriends, finally managing to get laid, and, of course, having my heart broken a few times a long the way.

After graduating and spending a year working in a Bayer factory packaging aspirin and inhaling aspirin dust all day long I went to grad school in Edinbugh, Scotland where I met my future wife, a girl from Madrid.  After we both finished there we spent some time bouncing back and forth between the US and Spain for a year or so before she decided to come to live in the US.  We got married and shortly thereafter moved to Farmington NM where we spent 3 years.  When our son was born we moved to Spain, lived in a few small towns before finally ending up in Madrid.  By that time things were more or less falling apart in our marriage and soon enough we were sleeping in separate rooms and then finally splitting entirely.

When I first moved out I felt incredibly lonely, though also exhilerated because I felt I could literally breath again for the first time in years.  Even though I had just “officially” separated and moved out, our relationship had been dead for years and I guess you could say I was love starved-and yes, sex starved too.  Sometimes I even think I´m some sort of born again virgin and wonder if I even remember what it feels like anymore.  I decided to give a serious go at the world of online dating to make friends and “lo que surja” as the spanish say.  At that point I didn´t know too many people (actually I still don´t really) and found the thought of going out to some random bar to meet people kinda scary and intimidating.  And in a brief earlier dally with an online dating site I actually met one of my best and only friends here in Madrid. So I thought why not.  Nothing to lose.  At worst it should be fun.  So I set up accounts on Badoo.com and later on OkCupid.com and in the blogs that follow I hope to share some of the experiences I´ve had.  Some have been positive, others really weird, some have made me feel really optimistic, then depressed.  Some were total wastes of time.  And some have been downright funny and worth sharing.  I´ll also be posting my thoughts on atheism, religion, politics, and some of the amusing experiences I´ve had living here…And anything else that comes to my mind worth sharing…hope you enjoy!